Cottage by the Sea is a non-profit, non-government, registered children's charity in Queenscliff, Victoria, supporting disadvantaged young people in a positive, healthy, seaside environment. Our vision is that every child deserves a happy and a healthy childhood.

The mission of Cottage by the Sea is to enhance the lives of children in need by providing inspiration, fun and opportunity within a holiday environment. We offer children and young people inspiration, fun and opportunity through diverse programs offered in a wide range of environments. During their camp experience, we provide opportunities for building positive relationships with peers and adult role models to help participants learn and grow.

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Whatever the program, Take a Break, REEF or Mentor, participants are encouraged to have fun, take risks and explore options in a safe and supportive setting. We seek to assist young people to develop self-awareness, confidence and resilience, inspiring them to remain engaged in education, family and their community and to achieve their goals.

The children are kept active and occupied during the day and, depending on the season, visit the beach and many local tourist attractions in Queenscliff (e.g. Marine Discovery Centre, Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, Queenscliff Harbour, steam train) and experience numerous outdoor activities (e.g. beach games, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, canoeing, rockpool rambling, bike riding) as well as indoor activities (e.g. art, craft, cooking, music, drama). Educational and recreational activities, along with rest and plentiful nutritious food, are the order of the day. Strong emphasis is placed on co-operation, teamwork and respect for self, others and the environment.

Our programs emphasise co-operation and respect and encourage children to be healthy, active, happy and secure. Children are given the opportunity to participate in a range of leadership and outreach programs in a positive, friendly, healthy, seaside environment. Cottage by the Sea offers a number of camp programs, ranging from once-off camps to ongoing support, engagement and leadership programs.