Located only a stone’s throw from the beach in Queenscliff, Victoria, Cottage by the Sea has been a charity for children since 1890. Our professional programs receive no government funding and rely solely on the generosity of your donations.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of more children by providing inspiration, fun and opportunity within a holiday environment.

Our Social Return on Investment

The impact we make


social and economic value is created for every $1 donated by you


of the total social value created is for children and young people


the remaining value is created for families, the community and our volunteers

The Social Return on Investment analysis found that Cottage by the Sea generates positive social value for children and young people, families, parents and carers, volunteers and the wider community

Our children’s charity located in Queenscliff, Victoria helps kids from around the state

Learning from fun is important, and creates significant value for kids

The impact of the Cottage perseveres beyond the duration of the camps, and can last a lifetime

The Cottage’s impact on children is positively compounded with more frequent engagement

A child’s happiness benefits the whole family

The Cottage is an enduring part of the community