A Big Day Out

Our Stories

It was a big day of action packed activities for the students from Yuille Park Community College in Ballarat on their Take A Break program stay at Cottage by the Sea. Their huge day started with a short drive over to the nearby Barwon Heads to the rockpools on the amazing bluff. As the tide was a little too high in our usual spot we decided to head for 13th beach side to look for sea glass. The children were so excited to look for glass that could have been from a ship wreck over 100 years ago! Some of the children found lots of little pieces of sea glass and kept them as their personal treasure to take home.

For lunch we enjoyed the sunshine at the local riverside park with a quick play before jumping back on the bus to our favourite indoor activity ‘Bounce’. We spent two hours here jumping around from trampoline to trampoline and climbing up the rock-climbing walls. The group jumped out all their energy and almost all slept the entire bus trip back to Cottage by the Sea.

Here is a collection of photos from a memorable day.