A Buchan good week!

Our Stories

Another amazing group of children from the regions impacted by bushfire in the summer 2019/20. The town of Buchan, located inland East Gippsland, is very small with just over 20 students at the local primary school. On the long journey from Buchan to Queenscliff the children were bursting with excitement and enthusiasm.

They had plenty of questions on what the week’s program looked like. As we were driving, we heard a few great one liners “How Buchan far is it?” “What Buchan activities are we doing?” The children threw the word Buchan in just about every sentence for a laugh.

The week included fishing charters, seal and dolphin sighting charter, ocean swimming and boogey boarding at Ocean Grove Main Beach. By the end of camp everyone was exhausted. One on the boys shared in his camp feedback it was a “Buchan good week!”.