A horse-riding adventure for our Mentors

Our Stories

Horse-riding can be a little intimidating and scary when you don’t have lots of experience. For our Old Mentors, it was an opportunity to put some practice from previous horse-riding Cottage camps at Spring Creek to the test. After arriving at Watson’s Mountain Country Trail Rides in Boorolite near Mansfield, our Mentors were paired with a horse for the week to trek in the beautiful High Country. After the initial meet and greet on the first day with their horse, a Mentor commented, “I’m excited to have a go at riding my horse tomorrow.”

The Mentors loved riding their horses through the countryside, taking in spectacular views of the valleys and rivers below. Once their confidence was up, the Mentors explored the rivers and did a number of river crossings with their horse. For the Mentors, it was a great opportunity to not only bond with each other but to also bond with their horse.

“My horse was very cautious at the start and wasn’t confident around me but as the days went on, she started to trust me more. I’ve given her lots of love and now she is giving me head bumps and resting her head on me. She’s a beautiful girl and I think we’ve connected well over the past few days.”

Mentor participant

After the four days of riding and sharing a wonderful experience together, it was time for the Mentors to say goodbye to their horses. It was a camp that really tested our Mentors and showed them that they can achieve anything with a positive attitude and persistence.

“I came into this with a negative approach in the back of my mind about the horse-riding and I’ve proven to myself that I shouldn’t dismiss things until I try them, because I really enjoyed it.”

Mentor participant