A passion for helping children

Our Stories

Charles “Paddy” Humphries came to Australia as an orphaned young boy. Having overcome challenging obstacles as a child, Paddy has developed a passion for helping children.

We were thrilled to have Paddy visit us at Cottage for a cuppa and a tour. We were equally as delighted to go through Paddy’s impressive coin collection with him, which he has kindly donated to Cottage. We will ensure his donation has the greatest impact possible towards visiting children.

Paddy said that donating his currency collection, along with leaving a gift in his Will to Cottage by the Sea, has given him an overwhelming sense of pride and happiness – knowing he is helping generations of children to come.

When Paddy was leaving Cottage, he stopped near the front door and sang us an Irish ballad. It was a beautiful moment for us all as children ran around us on all sides.