A stinging good time!

Stories From Camp

The Weather was fantastic! The sun was booming and we were heading down to the Queenscliff Marina for the morning. We got our walking shoes and hats on, ate some fruit cups and were ready to go!

As soon as we got off the cottage bus we saw the big 360Q tower and were amazed when the staff told us that’s where we were going!

The view from the top was amazing as we watched the Queenscliff ferry fill up with cars and head away over the bay towards Sorrento. As we walked along the marina the Cottage staff taught us all about the Pilot boats and how special they are to the local area.

We stopped for some chocolate brownie and continued along the marina and that’s when we saw them…THE GIANT STINGRAYS!

There was at least three or four of them and they were all HUGE! Bigger than all of us that’s for sure. We were all fascinated and watched the giant stingrays swim around for ages.

As we were about to grab our belongings and head back for lunch, one of the Cottage staff spotted a big seal swimming towards the group. We named the seal Butter, it was so cute and kept showing off to us and doing spins and twirls in the water trying to play. We had so much fun at the marina, we wanted to take Butter home with us but it was time to say bye to the stingrays and Butter the seal and head back to Cottage for a delicious lunch. What a day!