A Wet ‘n’ Wild Week

Our Stories

The heading says is all, welcome to the first week of Winter! It was wild! Rain, hail and strong winds all week for our program participants. We were not able to get out in the ocean once this week. But, we made sure that the children would still have an amazing week to remember.

We replaced almost all of our outdoor activities with fun and energetic indoor activities. Swimming in the ocean became snorkelling and water sliding the indoor Ocean Grove pool. Rockpooling looked a little different, we were bowling instead. Some of the children had never played a game of bowling, how exciting!

Surfing was a “no go”, we decided to treat the group and head to Bounce in Geelong. Jumping and flipping on the awesome trampolines followed by scaling the rock-climbing walls, so much fun!

At last, we had a nice enough day to head outside and we certainly made the absolute most of it. We had re-scheduled our charter with the seal and dolphin boat.  It was very chilly but we rugged up and we were all ready to face to cold water for a snorkel.  Luckily we enjoyed the occasional sunshine.

Our favourite part of the day was seeing the seals and swimming with them, followed by the fun boat activities: hanging from the ropes and jumping off the roof.