A Wild and Windy Surf

Our Stories

It was our last full day on camp and we wanted to try and get outside as much as we could as the previous few days didn’t allow us to. We had surfing planned in the morning and the weather was wild and windy. However, we knew these children would absolutely love surfing being from Colac and hours away from the closest surf beach. We packed the trailer and headed over to Ocean Grove to surf. The wind chopped up the swell and made it difficult for the smaller ones but we managed to help them onto the shoreline waves and ride them into shore. We surfed for about an hour before we had to call the session, the swell was picking up and it was getting a little to dangerous for the smaller ones. Everyone still managed to get onto their feet when surfing and just about every camper left in their feedback that surfing was the favourite activity, so we are glad we were able to get them out in the surf.