A Woori Special Birthday

Stories From Camp

It was a Monday morning as camp leaders Steve and Louise made a 3hour journey to collect 19 excited children from the small town of Woori Yallock in the Yarra Ranges.  Amongst them was a special little camper Ayla, who would be celebrating her 9th Birthday while on camp.

We had only been on the bus for 5 minutes when Ayla told the camp leaders “It’s my Birthday on Thursday!” 

“Really? What do nine-year-old girls like?” asked the camp leaders.

“Drawing and colouring, dolls, anything!” said Ayla with a smile from ear to ear.

On Wednesday afternoon we made the short drive to A Maze n Games where the children worked in groups playing mini golf and conquering the giant maze.

“Ebony, do you know it’s my birthday tomorrow?” 

“I sure do” Replied Ebony.

“If you could have anything for your birthday dinner tomorrow night, what would it be?” asked the camp leaders. Ayla thought for a minute, “Taco’s and chocolate cake!” A quick message to chef Marc, and the birthday girl’s dinner was sorted.

Ayla woke Thursday morning to her fellow campers wishing her a happy birthday.

She spent the afternoon playing in the sand and swimming at the cottage beach. We then celebrated her special day with birthday gifts from Cottage, tacos for tea, an awesome chocolate cake Marc had made for dessert, complete with smarties mini Freddo’s and sparklers, and of course we sang happy birthday!

We hope Ayla had as much fun celebrating her 9th birthday as we did.