We are very lucky to have a list of local and celebrity ambassadors who work hard organising fundraisers and raising awareness for Cottage by the Sea

Our local ambassadors are responsible for major fundraising events such as, the Annual Race Day at the Geelong Racing Club, the Annual Golf Day at Flinders Golf Club and Christmas Wrapping in the Geelong CBD. We could not be prouder to have our committed team of local ambassadors – Alan Harrison, Andrew Cannon, Andrew Simms, Annie James, David McDonald, Eric Black, Glynn Harvey, Jade Augustine, Jan Wilkinson, Louisa White, Mal Campbell, and Warren Davies.

We are equally proud of our celebrity ambassadors who take the time to share our story and assist at fundraising events. Having their support means a lot to a grassroots organisation such as our own.  Ian Cover, Joel Selwood, Patrick Dangerfield, Patty Mills, Rod Laver, Madi Browne and Curtis Stone.