Adventure to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre

Our Stories

50 little Grade 2 children joined us at Cottage by the Sea for their first Take a Break experience. They were SO excited to spend the night in Queenscliff and all they wanted to do was swim in the ocean.

Unfortunately, the weather had different ideas for us and the wind was howling on Monday.

Luckily, our friends at the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre were happy to accommodate all of us that afternoon. With a little tweaking to our usual visit with smaller groups, we managed to facilitate all 50 children at the centre in one go.

The group was split into two smaller groups and went their separate ways in the centre. While one group was exploring the aquarium side of the centre, including the favourite touch tank, the second group was right up the back of the centre in the classroom, learning all about the different sea creatures in our oceans. The children in the classroom were able to see and feel shark jaws up close and personal. They were amazed to feel how sharp the shark teeth actually are.

With plenty of photos and new facts learned, all 50 of the children from a primary school in Geelong enjoyed their experience at the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre.

As always, a HUGE THANK YOU to the team at the centre!