After A Long Drive We Finally Arrive

Our Stories

It’s one of the biggest drives of the year for our camp leaders, venturing across lengths of Victorian country road, we lastly reach the small town of St Arnaud where 20 children from three different schools within the area were eagerly awaiting to start their big camp adventure with us. It’s not long before they hop on board and begin to settle in for their long journey ahead that they realise it’s going to be worth the drive when they finally arrive in Queenscliff!

Following some awesome tunes, over 250 kilometres of driving and a vast change of scenery, we eventually set foot inside Cottage by the Sea. We happily jumped off the bus to stretch our legs, before grabbing our bags and walking inside to explore the big, old, historical building!

After an easy transition into their new home for the week, (with the help of knitted goodies for comfort and some delicious food for lunch of course!), the children and staff decided it was best to get to know each other before the rest of the camp activities unfolded. 

Ensuing a lovely afternoon together that involved sharing our hobbies, traits and facts, we decided it was only fair to take the kids for a dip in the ocean and a play in the sand! For the rest of the week we holidayed like no tomorrow! One day we were jumping for joy into some rock-pools and the next we were hanging ten on the g-boards at Ocean Grove! Oh the fun and smiles that we shared!

It’s always great to see the simplicity and beach lifestyle that we so often take for granted being so greatly appreciated and cherished by such wonderful children. It definitely melts our hearts and puts a smile on all our dials here at Cottage by the Sea!