All Mentor camp: It’s show time!

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The All Mentor camp that takes place in Melbourne each year is a camp that our Mentors and staff really look forward to. This year’s program theme was “arts and culture”, and what better way to experience these things in Melbourne than to see a stage show at the Princess Theatre. Our Mentors were very excited to go and see “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

For one of the Programs staff, the opportunity to take the Mentors to the theatre was something that they remembered getting to do as a primary school student many moons ago. It was not an activity that they necessarily learned anything from, but the experience is something that they have always remembered.

The majority of the Mentors had not yet experienced the theatre but were very excited to be given the opportunity to see Harry Potter. For 3 ½ hours, the Mentors were mesmerised by the magic of the stage production and enjoyed the storyline of the show.

Here’s some of the feedback from the Mentors:

“The ‘Dementors’ flying around was sick!”
”I liked how they got sucked through the telephone booth. How did they do that?!”
“I could feel the heat of the flames in the fight scene. It was unreal!”
“There was a pool in the middle of the stage!”
“I’m so happy that I got to see that as my first theatre show.”

The Mentors who had been to the theatre before also enjoyed the show, with one particular Mentor expressing to a Camp Leader that she was so grateful that she got to see the show for a second time! There was a real buzz within the group after the show and the Camp Leaders observed the Mentors talking about the experience throughout the rest of camp. Camp Leaders have the feeling that it is going to be an experience that the Mentors will not forget in a hurry!