An unforgettable week on our Take a Break program

Our Stories

For our students from a primary school in Gippsland, the Cottage experience would be a camp many wouldn’t forget.

On Wednesday morning, we collected wetsuits ready for a surf at Ocean Grove beach. There were a few nervous faces as one of the kids asked, “Do we have to surf”? “You don’t need to go out the back, we just like you to have a go,” said the Camp Leader.

Once in the water, Caleb realised how safe the surf session was and he stepped out of his comfort zone. Camp Leaders pushed him into a small wave, which he caught all the way to the beach. With a huge smile on his face, he dragged his surfboard back out for more fun waves.

On Thursday morning, we hopped on the Sea All dolphin charter. The swell was too choppy for a snorkel, so we explored the other boat activities.

The children laid on the cargo net, as water splashed up from underneath when the big waves hit. They took it in turns of grabbing the rope and dropping into the water while being towed along by the boat. Some of the children enjoyed a ”bubble bath” as they hung onto the timber rungs on the rear of the boat. When the boat stopped moving, Tyler plucked up the courage to climb out onto the net, where he sat with his sister.

Our next activity was to surf the boat wake. The students were amazing as they listened to Sea All instructor Murph. They carefully made it slowly to their feet, trying desperately not to fall.

The children then took it in turns to jump off the roof. Some children were very keen, while others were a bit more cautious. After everyone had a few jumps, including staff, one of the students felt he could do a small jump off the back of the boat. Seeing this, his friend decided to take a deep breath and jump off the roof. Everyone cheered as they splashed into the water.

The students should be very proud of the support they showed each other and all they have achieved this week.