Animal Fun Day

Our Stories

It was the Third day of Melbourne camp and we had a full day of animal activities planned! We ate our bacon and eggs for breakfast, packed our bags and headed off to Southern Cross Station to catch a train to Collingwood. We got off the train and walked for about 10 minutes before arriving at Collingwood Children’s Farm! The farm was amazing, we could already see and smell all the farm animals as soon as we walked in! we put our bags in the lockers and met with our tour guide! She explained what we would be doing and took us down to the feeding shed. A few of us volunteered to grab the goat feed and we all headed over to the goat pen. The goats were so funny, when we fed them they got so excited and started head butting each other to get more food! We were all nervous to pet them but when we started, we didn’t want to stop! They were so cute!

We said goodbye to the goats and went and made some milk up for the baby calves, there was five calves and they were hungry! We then met the milking goats and watched the farm staff milk them, fed the chickens, played with guinea pigs and fed the miniature ponies. How fun! We were all so grateful for the experience and said a huge thankyou to all the farm staff who helped! After lunch we caught the train back, changed out of our dirty farm clothes and headed to the Melbourne Aquarium.

When we first arrived, we had half an hour until our tour so we explored and tried to find a few cool creatures we could ask about during the tour. The tour was great, the Aquarium staff first took us to see and learn about the penguins, they were my favourite! I loved watching them waddle around and jump in the water to swim. We then headed down to the jellyfish and then to the big tank for the sharks, big fish and rays! We learnt so many cool fun facts. After the tropical fish, the staff took us upstairs to see the giant crocodile! It was massive, he looked like he had eaten our whole group! We all had such an amazing time at the farm and the zoo and loved our day full of animal activities.