Beach fun for our new Mentors

Our Stories

For our new Mentors back at Cottage, it was a camp about gaining a qualification. For the first group of Mentors, they were completing a First Aid and CPR course. For the second group of Mentors, they were completing a Food Handling course. Both of these accredited courses required the Mentors to be in the classroom for the whole day.

When on program at Cottage, it’s important that they engage and do the very best that they can, particularly when it comes time to completing a short course. While there is a lot of responsibility in being a Mentor, sometimes it’s great to just have the afternoon to play around and enjoy some fun down at the beach.

For these two groups of Mentors, it was only the second time they have had a camp together. Already, they have shown great respect for one another and are building friendships within the group. Being at Cottage is not all about work, we also love to play!