Beach golf tournament on Take a Break

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One of our new favourite activities on the Take a Break program at Cottage by the Sea is beach golf. Recently, we were donated lots of golf putters and golf balls. Initially, we were not quite sure what to do with them. This sparked a few ideas among Camp Leaders, which led to the brilliant idea of beach golf.

Our maintenance man Rob cut some drainage pipe into small sizes to become our holes and we were set to go!

The children all walked out the back gate and trekked down to our favourite beach. They started by building a course, being as creative as they possibly could, using all kinds of beach materials to decorate the course. Seaweed and feathers were a course favourite.

The children dug holes, built ramps and put in obstacles to make their course as challenging as they could. But before anyone else could give it a go, they had to try out their own courses first before moving on to the next course. This naturally became a competition and each golfer tried to “out putt” the other.

This activity was lots of fun and it was great to see the creative minds of the children that attended this Take a Break camp.