Beginners luck

Our Stories

It always seems to be the children that have never fished before that catch the first or the biggest fish.

This week it was young girl Sarah who was a little worried that she had never fished before and everyone else on the charter had, and were quite confident fishermen and women. With a short demonstration on how to hook and wind in fish she became slightly more confident.

Everyone had their lines in and were waiting patiently for a fish to bite. “OOOH OOH I FEEL SOMETHING” shouted Sarah, she whipped her rod up and hooked on to a fish. We already had a few toadfish caught before her but this was definitely no toad fish, as she reeled it in we could see the fight was on and we knew this was a good fish! She reeled it in so quickly it didn’t have any chance of escaping. It landed in the boat and it was not only our first keeper species fish (a whiting) but it ended up being the biggest catch of the day! A whopping 50cm whiting with a big belly perfect for some big fillets.

She was so excited that she had caught her first fish and the biggest fish she was having a great time rubbing it into the “fishing pros” on the boat.