Bentley’s adventure on Take a Break

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On this week’s Take a Break program at Cottage by the Sea, we had children from Yuille Park Primary School. One of the main highlights was having their Golden Retriever Therapy Assistance Dog Bentley come on the program too. He’s a beautiful dog who loved all the cuddles and pats. Every child was so gentle and kind with Bentley and all the staff loved him too.

When the children went swimming, Bentley came for a swim too! It was such a joy to see the children jumping around and splashing with big smiles on their faces. For a few of the children, it was the first time even seeing the beach – to be able to share the experience with Bentley was amazing.

Every time one of the children felt a little homesick, a cuddle from Bentley fixed up their spirits. 

Bentley came on all the adventures this week and he loved every second. There were so many beach walks and new sights for Bentley to experience. From going up the tower at 360Q to the Marine & Freshwater Discovery Centre, he did it all!

The week ended too quickly and all the Cottage staff were very sad to see Bentley go. He got on the bus and gave the kids some company for the long drive back to Ballarat. It was such an amazing experience to have Bentley on camp and all the kids are so lucky that he goes to school with them every day! 

This week’s camp was great and we can’t wait to see Bentley next year!