Bouncing around on the REEF program!

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This week, we welcomed back the REEF 2 group to Cottage by the Sea. 37 Year 6 students rocked up excited to have a great time, and the highlight of the week was BOUNCE. Everyone jumped on the buses from Queenscliff and made the adventure into Geelong to go to their favourite trampoline park.

As soon as we arrived, the excitement was high. The opportunity to bounce around for the next few hours was almost too much to contain. After having the ground rules laid out, the Reefies were allowed to explore and jump around to their hearts’ content.

One of the big hits of BOUNCE is the dodgeball area. A continuous game of dodgeball is always in motion and the children absolutely loved it. They played honestly and fairly while still giving it a red hot go. With Camp Leaders also joining in, the Reefies revelled in the chance to get the staff members out.

Another highlight was the rock climbing area. None of the activities are enforced and the main rule is to have fun, but we saw multiple children challenge their fear of heights and push themselves to new levels. The climbs range in difficulty and each climb has 3 challenges. Everyone tried out the climbs to the best of their abilities and did a great job. It was so inspiring to see one Reefie who just came over to hang out with their friend but then gave it a proper go and even surprised themselves.

After a really fun and adventure-filled morning, it was time to head back to Cottage for lunch. The Reefies were sad to leave BOUNCE but it was only the start of the week’s adventures – they were very excited for what was yet to come!