Can you cross the river?

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It was the final day of camp. After being challenged while swimming in the ocean, learning about Point Lonsdale and the Rip, walking from the Queenscliff fort to the Marine and discovering new marine creatures at the Marine & Freshwater Discovery Centre there was one last challenge to overcome for these Grade 3, 4’s and 5’s. Could they cross the Cottage River?

The group was divided into 2 teams, with seven lily pads to help them cross from one bank to the other. Each team of ten strategized before starting their journey across the river. This river was flowing fast and the teams needed to be careful if they let go of a lily pad or the fell off the lily pad into the water they were washed away and the whole team started back on the bank again.

The participants supported each other by holding onto their team members, encouraged each other to keep going, and directed their friends on when to move and who to share the lily pad with. They worked together positively using all their communication, problem solving and tactical thinking skills. It was a patient and calculated journey across the river, picking up some food and rubbish along the way to keep them sustained and doing their bit for the environment. The excitement grew as they came closer and closer to the opposite bank, as the anticipation was high they were reminded to be careful to ensure they didn’t get washed away at the last minute.

The cheers of joy and high 5’s showed the jubilation as one team made it to the other side. The second team was close and the encouragement from everyone was elevated as both teams supported the individuals to make it across the river. With sighs of relief and “yipees!” of success, the Cottage River had been crossed. Each individual had played their part, showing amazing team work from all to successfully achieve the initiative. Do you think you could cross the river?

Please note: The Cottage River is in fact the basketball court and the lily pads are carpet squares. The rapidly flowing river is all imaginative.

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