Connecting & learning

Stories From Camp

Camp this week was all about connecting with others and learning new skills. Our Mentors were completing First Aid and Food Handling courses that would help them gain future employment and build important life skills. 

The group participating in the Food Handling Certificate and were put to the test the very first day after completing there course. They spent the morning with Camp Leaders baking muffins and preparing lunch for the other group who were completing the First Aid and CPR training.

The Mentors worked well as a team, working in harmony and talking to each other about the importance of good hygiene in the kitchen.

For the other Mentor group it was all about helping people who require assistance and potentially saving a life! The Mentors took on all the information and did an amazing job when playing the role of first responder in the real life scenarios.

“HELP ME, I have a broken leg and I need help!” Was the cry from one of the Mentors pretending to be injured, with fake blood running down their leg. One of the Mentors quickly sprang into action and ran over with their first aid kit to render assistance. After applying all the techniques learnt so far in the course, they were able to stabilise the injured person.

‘You’re going to be ok, I’ve called an Ambulance, they will be able to help you further,” were the comforting words the injured person needed to hear.

“Thanks for helping me and fixing my leg, you’re a really good first aider,” was the response from the mentor playing the role of the injured person. The Mentors were all proud of themselves for completing the course, and how they applied them in ‘real life’ situations.

“This certificate is going to be really helpful for when I want to start looking for work.”