Cottage by the Sea Annual Boardriders Surf Day

Our Stories

Our favourite event of the year fell on this week’s Take a Break program – the Annual Boardriders Surf Day!

The visiting children all heard whispers of a special event that was coming up on their program, but they didn’t know the finer details. A rumour of a famous surfer and some gift packs had the children super excited about what was to come on the day.

The morning started at Cottage by the Sea, with the children organising themselves for a full day out. We knew it was going to be a hot one, forecasted to be 37 degrees! Luckily, the peak of the heat was at 6.00pm and the morning was beautiful.

After grabbing our wetsuits, we all jumped on the buses and headed for Cosy Corner in Torquay for our surf session. It was right on low tide and a nice little wave was rolling into the beach – perfect for our beginners. After a quick lesson on the sand, the children were eager to get in the water!

The tide was kind to us and started to push its way into shore with some nice sets rolling in, which the kids made the most of. They were all so confident paddling themselves in and standing up on the waves.

We also had a couple of paddleboards in the water for those who wanted to give it a go out the back of the waves. They were all so eager to jump on and give it a try. With our new Quicksilver paddles, this made paddling around light work.

Once the session was done, we had a little time up our sleeves before lunch so we checked out the famous Bells Beach, where one of the first ever surf comps started. It has hosted the best of the best surfers from all around the world.

Our lunch today was special. We met Eve, our friend from Boardriders Group, at 4pines restaurant on Torquay’s main street – 4pines is right above the Boardriders Quicksilver surf shop. Eve joined us for lunch and shared some stories with us while we all enjoyed a burger and chips. Before Eve had to shoot off back to the office, she left us all a gift.

Each child was presented with a new backpack, hat and a wetsuit to look like pro surfers. The children were so happy with their new goodies – they each wore their hat and new backpack for the rest of the program!

We want to thank Boardriders Group once again for the generous donations and support for our future pro surfers!