Our Stories

Seven year old Jed was mid rock pool ramble at Barwon heads Bluff when he spied a crab,

“CRAB!! CRAB! CRAB!” He shouts to the rest of the group. Soon there is a chorus of 7 to 10 year olds “Crab! Crab! Crab!”

The delight and wonder is clear on all the smiling and inquisitive faces.  The number of marine animals that can be found at low tide at Barwon Heads truly is a marvel, and this wonderful encounter was not lost on this group from Werribee. Seastars, sea snails as well as elephant snails and shrimp were all spotted, with crabs the absolute favourite.

After a delicious nutritious morning tea of fresh fruit followed by a muesli bar the children return to Cottage By The Sea. Jed rushes into the playground, straight up to Camp Leader Louis: “I found a crab, I found heaps! I saw twenty crabs. Chook showed me how to pick one up, so I held crab!”

Seven year old Jed never thought he would find a crab, and under the caring and helpful guidance of Camp Leader Chook picked one up for the first time. The feeling of accomplishment and pride was clear to see on Jed’s face as well as the Camp Leaders who had watched as Jed’s confidence had grown during the week.

A new love of the coast and all that comes with it was instilled in Jed this week in Queenscliff at Cottage by the Sea.  A tour of Queenscliff marina and a chance to have some shrimp clean our hands. Meeting the local sting rays, alongside a visit to beautiful Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, the informative and interactive Marine and Fresh Water Discovery Centre, fishing on the bay with Gone Fishing and of course a swim at sensational Cottage beach really did give 34 children, including excited Jed, an inspirational, fun camp full of opportunities at Cottage by the Sea.