The Reefies discover the Otways

Our Stories

It was time to welcome back our second-year REEF crew for their first offsite camp for the year. This adventure marks the start of the build-up of camps to the snow trip in August! We were greeted by 13 enthusiastic Reefies who were ready to tackle the 16km trek from Aire River to Johanna Beach. For some of our Reefies, it was a first time experience trekking in the bush this far carrying packs.

Before the big hike, there was time to check out some of the sights and brush up on some local history. For some of our Reefies, the WWII history was particularly fascinating. The Cape Otway Lightstation was a big hit and as one Reefie put it, “It looks so beautiful up here with the green hills and the dark blue water!”

For our Reefies, it was a hard slog along the track but the group worked well together to get each other through it. The Reefies enjoyed the scenic views of the ocean that was putting on a great display of power and beauty.

The last kilometre was along the beautiful Johanna Beach. Mother Nature was not going to let our Reefies get off lightly as a howling south-west wind swept across the beach! It was a tough trek that tested everyone but through great determination and persistence, the Reefies and Camp Leaders made it to the campground. There were sweat and tears, but a big sense of achievement at what they had completed.

It was fair to say that everyone was tired and it was early to bed that night!