Dolphin spotting on Take a Break!

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This week’s Take a Break program was truly a treat! Students from the inland rural town of Shepparton joined us for a week filled with beach-related activities, making the most of the light winds and winter sunshine.

Wednesday was especially magical for all three groups as they all spotted dolphins! Group 1, on a marine biology cruise, saw dolphins jumping in the distance as they headed out to see the seals at Pope’s Eye. Meanwhile, Group 3 had a delightful surprise during a safety briefing with Camp Leader Tori when one of the children shouted, “I see dolphins!” The group watched in awe as dolphins leapt and played about 100 metres away.

Group 2 had the most remarkable encounter (see for yourself in the video below!). While out on the Queenscliff Pier, they heard a splash and saw a pod of dolphins bursting through the water, on the attack and rounding up a school of salmon. The pod, consisting of about 8-10 dolphins, swam right up to the shore – just an arm’s length away from the children – and even swam right underneath our feet as they stood on the pier. Group 2 watched for the next half an hour as the dolphins cruised around, jumping out of the water and putting on an incredible show.

It was a spectacular experience that none of the Cottage by the Sea staff had ever seen before, and everyone felt incredibly lucky to witness such an amazing sight.