Dolphins! I See dolphins!

Our Stories

Young camper Bryce yelled at the top of his lungs, Dolphins! I see dolphins!

As we were walking along the Queenscliff pier the young boy spotted the dolphins about 10 metres off the end of the pier, all of the anglers looked in distress as they saw the dolphins swim past their lines, they all quickly reeled their rods in before we had a tangle up.

All of the children ran to the edge of the pier and watched and pointed as the dolphins played around in the water jumping in the air putting on a show for us all. We soon noticed that there was a little dolphin calf amongst the pod.

We watched on for 20 minutes before the dolphins disappeared into the depths of the bay and we then pointed the Seal and Dolphin swim boat tour in the right direction so they could jump in the water for a swim with the dolphins on their tour.

For the rest of the afternoon we were on high alert to spot some more dolphins and seals with no luck. We did manage to see some of the giant stingrays down at the marina though.

The group were so excited to see such wild life on our journey.