Our Stories

It’s not often we have the chance to yell out dolphins on camp. They are usually very hard to spot in the bay but this weekend they were being kind to us. The REEFies arrived on Friday afternoon and one of the first things we spotted from the top story was dolphins! We quickly grabbed the binoculars and watched as they swam just off shore behind Cottage, we thought they were just warming us up for our Sea All Dolphin Swim charter the next morning.

We had a group goal on Saturday morning and that was to see and swim with dolphins. Although we have been on the charter many of times it is very rare to see the Burranan dolphins. As the charter always mentions, they are wild and can be anywhere in Port Phillip Bay.

Today we were on a mission and had a hot tip from a ferry passenger that the dolphins were spotted following the ferry’s wave wake near Sorrento. So we headed off on that direction, we had no luck for the first 15-20 minutes until we heard a shout from the roof of the boat “DOLPHINS!”

At first we thought the boy was pulling our leg as no one else could spot them. Then we saw a fin, then two fins… and plenty more!

There were about five dolphins cruising around near Sorrento. We approached slowly and prepared ourselves for a snorkel with them. The dolphins swam right underneath the boat and played in our wake for a while which allowed us plenty of time to take a few photos. We noticed the ferry was returning to Queenscliff from Sorrento and watched as the dolphins joined the ferry wake and took off into the distance.