Enjoying a fishing charter on Take a Break

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This week’s Take a Break participants are from a school in Melbourne’s south-east. Today started with a fishing charter in Portarlington. 16 excited students popped on their Cottage blue jackets ready for a few hours of fishing fun.

We met Jane and the team from Ultimate Sea Adventures before climbing aboard their boat. We completed a safety briefing and watched as one of our participants helped demonstrate how to fit a life jacket. The weather was a bit overcast, but the rain held off as we left the safety of the marina.

Once we dropped the fishing lines, the excitement on board lifted as it wasn’t long before the children started calling out, “I’ve got one.” The deckhands and staff were kept busy as they moved from participant to participant, safely pulling the fish into the boat. We baited hooks and dropped our lines back in while we patiently waited for a bite. 

Once we had caught a few big ones, we slowly made our way back to shore while enjoying a warm Milo and baked treat. The children watched eagerly as Ian filleted their fish on the trip back.

Back on the dock, we collected our little bag of fresh fillets, said a huge thank you to the team at Ultimate Sea Adventures and headed back to Cottage keen to taste and share our catch with everyone.