Enjoying a snorkel on the REEF program

Our Stories

It was the first program back at Cottage for our 2nd-year REEFies since the snow trip. It was only a three-day camp, but that didn’t mean it was light on fun activities.

After an early morning pickup on Wednesday, it was time to hit the water. The sun was in full shine and the REEFies geared up to go for a snorkel at Ozone Wreck in St Leonards. For one particular REEFie, it was a little nerve-wracking as they had not been out so far in the ocean and the abundance of seaweed made them a little scared to be in the water. With lots of encouragement from Camp Leaders and other REEFies, the young person overcame their fear and snorkelled around the wreck, having a great time in the warm and clear water. After the activity, the smile on their face said it all. They were proud of what they achieved as they would not have had anywhere near as much fun sitting on the beach and watching.

The REEF program is all about challenging yourself and pushing outside your comfort zone. Our REEF participants amaze us every program on what they are capable of achieving!