Fun and excitement in unexpected places

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This week, 42 kids and seven staff members from a primary school in Melbourne attended the Take a Break program. They had fantastic weather on their bus drive down. A balmy 20°C on the day of arrival – perfect weather to go swimming. Unfortunately, swimming was not on the program for day 1.

Day 2 was the swimming day – a chilly 14°C with howling sou-westerly winds. The kids had heard that swimming would be an activity and thought our coastline’s bad weather might ruin their potential highlight. Thankfully, the Camp Leaders at Cottage had a backup plan to keep their dream of swimming alive.

Ocean Grove swimming pool was the plan to escape the weather. The camp divided into two groups: one group before and one group after lunch. The Camp Leaders drove each group down to the pool and the kids had the opportunity of living out their dream of swimming while on this program. At the pool, the kids flew down the slide as many times as they wanted, and played with pool noodles and water guns.

The pool brought a smile to every kid’s face. On a day where the weather was relentless, a sense of fun and excitement was found in other places. It was a great day out for everyone involved.