Exploring Queenscliff and stingray spotting

Our Stories

It was a beautiful Friday in Queenscliff. There were no clouds in sight and the sun was shining.

17 students from a primary school near Bendigo were heading down to the marina to hopefully catch a glimpse of the local stingrays. We headed up 360Q, looking at the lighthouses and the wonderful boats docked in the marina.

We then headed down to the boardwalk – all 34 eyes were looking in the water, hoping to see the stingrays. Five minutes went past without any sighting and then, all of a sudden, a stingray glided past, followed by another two stingrays. Most participants had never seen a stingray in person before. They were a little frightened, but mainly amazed at what they just saw.

The walk continued along the marina towards our shrimping grounds. The children were a little confused about the term “shrimping” but once we arrived to our spot and gave a demonstration, they had their fingers in the water trying to catch some shrimp. Only a handful of the children were still enough to attract a shrimp and others gathered around to watch the little shrimp pick at their fingernails.

To finish off the morning, the participants enjoyed a play on the local playground before heading back to Cottage for an early lunch.