Familiar face joins the team

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Recently we welcomed a very familiar face to join our camp team as a junior camp leader. It was Ebony, a Mentor who has been through our REEF and Mentor program since she was in Grade 6 at Tate Street Primary School.

Throughout her seven years in the program at Cottage by the Sea Ebony never missed a camp and always had shown great leadership qualities within her group. When the ad went out for a position to join our camp team Ebony grabbed the opportunity with both hands and applied for the job in hope to get an interview.

She received the call soon after she applied to be told the exciting news that she would be joining our camp team as the junior camp leader, we can only imagine the smile on her face after the call.

Ebony’s first day on the camp team involved some of her favourite activities as a participant, heading over to the Queenscliff marina and climbing the 360Q Tower. In the afternoon we were down at the beach and in the water for a swim, Ebony spent her time in the water helping some of the smaller campers jump over the waves and had a great time. We’re all super excited to welcome Ebony to the camp team and look forward to working with her on all of our future programs.

THEN (1st camp 2013)
NOW (1st day working 2021)

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