Farmer Phil’s Farm

Our Stories

This week we focused on one of our E’s in REEF* – ‘Environment’.

We participated in something a little different to what our REEFies are used to. We spent the afternoon with Farmer Phil on his farm in Freshwater Creek to learn how he lives using the environment. Phil drove us around his farm on the back of his 80-year-old tractor sharing his knowledge and passion for his farm animals. The farm is such a great experience for the REEFies as they have the chance to see how a farm really works.

Phil encourages everyone visiting his farm to help feed his animals. Everyday Phil drives to 4 different supermarket stores to collect all of their unwanted veggies. Once collected, Phil leaves a pallet of the veggies by the fence and allows his visitors to feed and pat his animals.

We were absolutely blown away at home much the REEFies loved feeding the animals. They all loved how much the pigs scoffed down the food, the horses taking huge bites out of the apples from their hands and the cows extra long sticky tongues wrapping around their fingers as they try to eat the lettuce leaves they were holding.

It was a great experience for all and everyone really enjoyed learning about Farmer Phil’s Farm.

* REEF – Recreation, Education, Environment, Friendship – our REEF program follows children through the transition from Primary to Secondary School.