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At Cottage by the Sea, we are forever thankful for the help we receive from the community. As a non-profit and non-government funded organisation, both individuals and local businesses are key contributors to the ongoing mission of our charity. In this blog, we are spotlighting one of our awesome supporters – Fit n Focused gym.

How they helped: Christmas gift drive

We caught up with owner Matt Daniels to discuss his motivations behind helping the Cottage.

CBTS: Hey Matt, thanks for all your hard work over the festive season! So, how long has Fit N Focused supported Cottage by the Sea?

Matt: The Fit n Focused family has been involved with Cottage by the Sea for the last two years now with our Christmas drive. Looking back, I wish we’d started sooner! The positivity that comes from giving and allowing our members the chance to make a difference – no matter how big or small – is the reason we did it and will continue to do it.

CBTS: With so many charities around, what made you choose Cottage by the Sea?

Matt: I’d heard plenty of great things about Cottage by the Sea. When we went and visited we were shown around and learnt exactly how the Cottage helps less fortunate children. This really reinforced that Cottage by the Sea was the charity we’d like to help support. We were impressed with the facilities, the amazing staff and what they do for all the kids – not only at Christmas time but throughout the year.

CBTS: How did the Fit N Focused family respond to the gift drive?

Matt: Our FNF family responded unbelievably well to the idea of giving gifts to the kids for Christmas. I’m not sure of the exact number of gifts but it was overwhelming. Many clients brought in gifts to the gym that we were able to pass on. We were happy with our Christmas gift drive in our first year, but the Christmas just gone was truly incredible. We had a full carload of presents to pass on to the Cottage to give to kids who may not get a merry Christmas otherwise. The generosity of our clients was amazing and something we’re proud of.

CBTS: What’s in store for Fit N Focused this year?

Matt: I’m in the process of running 535 consecutive half marathons in memory of Andrew Cadigan and to raise money for Cad’s Cause (Leukaemia Foundation). I started December 27th and will finish June 14th, 2019. Today (26/3/18) is number 90! We also sell bottled water at our gym with all the money going to the Unite Project through Cotton On. Our FNF family is certainly growing, but we make sure to give back whenever possible.

CBTS: What would you say to other local businesses thinking about getting involved with a charity?

Matt: I would highly recommend it and not just for Christmas or for a special event, but throughout the year and an ongoing basis. We’re fortunate enough to run our own business, so supporting a charity and those in need is something I think every business should do. It doesn’t have to be a huge event or even a huge amount, but every little bit helps.

Thanks Matt and the Fit n Focused family! It’s people and businesses like these that help us deliver a happy and healthy childhood to all children. Check out their website here.

If you’re interested in getting your business involved with Cottage by the Sea, contact us today – we’d love to help you help us.