Fun at Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary!

Our Stories

Jirrahlinga is such a special place in our community, they help injured and abandoned wildlife become healthy and release them back into the wild. As well as being an animal hospital, they also have a sanctuary full of Australian wildlife.

Our camp group from the Western English Language School (WELS) are mostly all new arrivals to Australia. Some of the students have yet to see some of our iconic native animals including kangaroos and koalas. What an amazing opportunity for us to show some of these children our beautiful native wildlife.

Jirrahlinga were so welcoming to our group and allowed animal encounters!

We were all so excited! Firstly, we went into the koala enclosure and posed for some close up photos with our new fury friend.

Next up it was reptile time. We were excited but nervous to meet some of the scaly natives. We met the local blue tongue lizard, petted and held a bearded dragon and were lucky to all hold an Australia Carpet Python.

“SO COOL! It feels so cool!” one of the boys said as he held the snake around his neck.

THANKYOU to Jirrahlinga on this awesome experience for our children.