Fun, Fish and Friends!

Stories From Camp

This week at cottage by the sea we had 17 children from Yuille Park Community College come visit and stay! The children were so excited the second they got off the bus! The morning was filled by a long bus trip and a cottage tour until lunch. After lunch the children got to go explore our local lighthouse at Point Lonsdale and look around the amazing surrounding area! The children then headed back to cottage for dinner and settled in for the night.

Day two started with an early wakeup for half of the group as they were lucky enough to go out on a fishing charter run by Gone Fishing! The children loved it, the weather was perfect , great fishing conditions and the kids showed off their skills bringing home plenty of fish for Marko to cook up for lunch! Whilst half of the children were on the fishing charter the other half got to go and explore the marina and the awesome surrounding area. The group at the marina then got to go shrimping! Whilst shrimping they were lucky enough to be visited by 3 of the giant sting rays that live at the marina, the children were fascinated and didn’t want to leave! The groups joined back together for lunch at cottage, the fish was delicious! After lunch the weather was perfect so the children went for a big group swim at the beach behind the cottage, it was the first time some of the children had seen the beach! They were all so excited and loved every second of the swim! The group then dried off and headed to Ocean Grove to check out the cool new playground before heading back to cottage for dinner and a nice quiet night of rest.

Day three of camp and the children were still full of so much energy and excited to see what activity was next. The tides were perfect so it was time to head to Barwon heads bluff for a rock pool to see what we could find. The children were fascinated by the cool sea creatures, we found crabs, sea stars, elephant snails and even eels! The children then headed to the pirate park for a play and a swing on the flying foxes before heading back to cottage for lunch and to pack up ready to head home. The children packed their bags, jumped onto the bus and headed off home to Yuille Park!

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