Fun in the sun on our Take a Break program!

Our Stories

It is always a special week when we welcome groups from bushfire-affected regions of Victoria. 14 enthusiastic Grade 4 students from East Gippsland jumped out of the bus on Monday afternoon after a long trip to Cottage. Being coastal kids, this group were like fish to the water – all they wanted to do was beach, beach, beach!

The sun was out all week and the temperature was around 30 degrees, but this brought in very strong north-easterly winds. The strong winds altered our planned program dramatically. Our beach swim changed to a pool swim, surfing altered to boogie-boarding, and our seal and snorkel charter was postponed with no certainty it would go ahead.

Luckily, by Thursday afternoon the wind was kind to us and dropped off just in time for our charter. We all jumped on the boat at 2:30pm and had so much fun in the bay. The first stop was in the sheltered Pope’s Eye to see all the colourful fish that call it home. The crystal-blue waters were so inviting and we all jumped from the roof of the boat, making the biggest splash. A local Australian fur seal lives on the rocks of Pope’s Eye and we snuck the boat right up next to him to have a good look at him bake in the sun.

On the journey back to the Queenscliff Marina, we made use of all the different boat activities. This included the ‘ducks bath’, where the children hold onto the back of the boat while it drives and all of the bubbles from the propeller cause a bath. The favourite of the boat activities was the giant net – where you relax on the net overhanging the water and get splashed by the big waves.

The charter boat was the highlight for just about every participant this week. Like always, we share our thanks to the staff on the Sea All Dolphin Swims charter for such an amazing experience for the kids.