Heart Warming Winter Woolies

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This week Cottage by The Sea received an array of beautifully hand-crafted and knitted beanies, scarves, teddy bears and woollen garments. A heart felt and warming gesture! The Cottage would like to extend thanks to the volunteers who made this possible.

Anne; a valued, Melbourne-based member of Cottage By The Sea, collected the donated items from Knit4Charities Inc.  As well as collecting and collating items, Anne attends presentations and performs talks on behalf of The Cottage.

Knit4Charities is a generous association made up of volunteers who have an aptitude for all things craft.  Volunteers spend many hours sewing, knitting and crocheting. All materials and supplies are also donated.  Dedicated to supporting all kinds of people in need, the associated has humbled us with their generosity and ascertained a special place in the hearts of those at The Cottage.

We are certain that the children who receive these items as gifts will appreciate the gesture!

If you are interested in making a donation this winter, you can view our winter wish-list here.