Here comes Santa

Our Stories

We had a special guest arriving for an early stop on Tuesday night!

It was SANTA! He rolled in on a big red fire truck with all sirens blaring. The children didn’t know what was happening. One camper thought it was an emergency evacuation and started to gather her things.

The smile on the children’s faces and the excitement they had when they all saw Santa on the front lawn with a sack full of presents. Each child sat down on the grass and waited patiently as Santa’s helpers read out the children’s names and passed a bag full of presents. Tearing into them to find all sorts of gifts, UNO cards, board games, hats, wallets and toys! You name it, Santa had something for everybody.

Once each child had unwrapped their presents Santa showed the children around his temporary sleigh (the fire truck) and the children had a go at turning on the sirens and seeing all the different gadgets inside.