Stories From Camp

We had the most windy day in the world!

Thursday morning we woke to the winds whistling through the camp, but it was not until we stepped outside for some playtime that we realised just how windy it was.

Even though it was cloudy and windy the camp leaders still told us to wear sunscreen and hats, but all day I was wrestling with my hat trying to keep it on with all the gusts of wind. The wind made the low ropes course even more challenging…

Luckily we didn’t need to hold onto our helmets because they were strapped on tight, plus Casey and Tim were spotting me so even the wind couldn’t knock me down.

When we went for a walk on the Queenscliff Pier and down to the marina via the beach, my hat blew off 100 times! Everyone kept yelling “HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS” and it almost blew into the ocean. Because we are little, we could even lean backwards on the sand and the wind would catch us, it was so much fun.

The wind also made heaps of cool waves in the sea, which was super cool when we went swimming in the afternoon. You should have seen my friend’s hair and mine at the end of the day.  Between the wind, my hat issues and the crazy waves, it was a mess, but that’s okay because the day was super fun and I have a hairbrush.