“I did it, Mum!”

Our Stories

From the moment we picked up the Mentors, we had one girl that mentioned she was not doing the bridge climb.

We knew this Mentor would need a lot of encouragement and support from both the staff and the other Mentors to get her in the right mindset to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We started in our first circle time and spoke a lot about past challenges and how we overcame those challenges, most of the answers to overcome these challenges was help and support by friends and family. This was great preparation to start thinking about the bridge climb and the challenges it may throw at us.

We talked in detail about the climb and went through a step-by-step process of each stage of the climb. As we boarded the ferry to Taronga Zoo, we looked up at the bridge and pointed out the ramps and the course we’d be walking on, we even spotted another group at the summit of the climb. The young Mentor was still very unsure about it and said, “I’m still not climbing it.”

We arrived to the climb early afternoon and sat in the lobby, looking and learning a little about the climb, she was not interested by this stage and her mind was set on not climbing. We met with our sponsors from MFS and CBTS CEO Adam, who were joining us for the climb. They could see that she was still very anxious and not as enthused as the other Mentors.

We all spoke as a group about the climb, how we were feeling before it and shared many words of support to each other. Then there was a turning point, she decided she was going to put on the suit and see how it felt, she agreed to try the test course and before we all knew it she was clipped into the rail and walking out on to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The first 30 minutes were the hardest, each stop we all checked in with each other and every time she responded with a thumbs down – not good. As we kept climbing and reached the arch of the bridge for the first photo stop we saw a smile for the camera! It looked like the nerves had passed and she was really enjoying it, as we walked up the long ramp like stairs of the arch she turned back and looked at staff with a smile and the thumbs down was a thumbs up, she was feeling great!

At the very summit of the climb we had our last photo and video stop, on this stop she asked for a video and she shouted at the top of her lungs, “I did it, Mum!”

We spoke about our favourite moment on the program for our night’s circle time and she shared that her moment was the top of the climb and she said she was so proud of herself for doing it and she believes she can not overcome and do anything.

These are the moments on camp that we all remember as staff and Mentors. This memory will always stick with the young Mentor.