Invasion of the Elephant Snail

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Another perfect day down at Barwon Heads with one of the lowest tides we have ever seen! The campers were extremely excited to get out there and explore.

With the tide being so low, it gave us the chance to head right out the back of the rock pools to the area that is usually underwater. We knew this was our chance to find the elusive elephant snail. Every rock pool session it is our group goal to find the elephant snail, usually with no luck.

Today was different, we all just had that feeling we would find at least one. As we headed out to the back of the pools, the first rock we lifted one was found! All of the children rushed over to see what it looked like and the hunt for more was on.

One of the boys flipped a rock over to find the biggest elephant snail that we have ever seen, this thing was huge!

Then another rock turned, another snail. This continued for the next half hour, almost every rock we flipped over, an elephant snail was hiding under there. We couldn’t believe our luck today. This was a Cottage by the Sea new record.

At one point, we had a camp leader and teacher lift a bigger rock and we spotted up to seven elephant snails underneath there.

We had so much fun finding over 20 snails we had forgot to check what the time was and before we knew it, our tummies were rumbling for afternoon tea. We trekked back over the rock pools and up the stairs to enjoy some well deserved afternoon tea.

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