It’s cold, but so much fun!

Our Stories

Cottage welcomed 21 students for a short, but busy 2-day camp. A quick tour and lunch, then it was time to tackle our afternoon activity. There were squeals of excitement as the children learned they’d be heading down to the beach for a swim and play.

We popped on our wetsuits and ran down to the beach, ready to jump in the chilly water. The children loved jumping the small waves as they rolled in. Some tried body surfing alongside their teacher, while others dove thru waves and played games of keepings off.

“It’s cold, but so much fun!”  Said one of the campers.

Soon it was time to head back to cottage for a hot shower.

After our showers, we gathered in the dining area where Chef Marc had a yummy afternoon tea and hot chocolates waiting for us to enjoy while we warmed up.