It’s the Little Things That Count

Our Stories

A group of our year 10-12 Mentors took some time out of their school holidays to come and enjoy the spring sunshine down at the Cottage.

The ten students were picked up early on Tuesday morning around in Geelong and then headed towards Connewarre to enjoy a morning canoe along the lake, followed by a BBQ lunch. In the afternoon we drove back to the Cottage to help clean, make our beds and settle in for the next three days.

As our Mentors are growing older (and a lot taller mind you), maturing into wonderful young adults, we thought we would allow them some extra independence and responsibility on this camp, encouraging them to appreciate the simpler and finer things in life, as well as focus on their future dreams and goals.

On the first night of camp, the ten young adults were asked to papier-mâché a blank canvas in 3D, to demonstrate their main want/desire that they see in their futures. Using the old-school recipe of flour and water, we got to work. From basketball to nurses, actors to travelers, shrinks to architect, our Mentors did a fantastic job at designing their pieces. Webbie the Cottage Labrador loved them so much that he decided to eat one! But we were soon to fix it up after all having a good laugh together.

For the rest of the week, the Mentors had to do their own shopping and cook their own meals, either on the fire pit outside or on the barbeque. The CBTS staff were all very impressed with their creativity yet again, from breakfast buffets, chicken stir-fry’s, meatballs, kebabs, damper, giant pancakes and any other food you could imagine – they really pushed themselves outside of their boundaries.

As a result, it was only fair that on the Friday before leaving we took them down for a snorkel at the Ozone Shipwreck in Indented Heads and made a delicious lunch, Milo and muffins for them in return! Our Mentor Sam who always has a smile upon her face, provided us with some words of advice by the end of the week, simply stating “don’t waste the opportunities you are given and make the most of it”.