Meet our new CEO

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Adam Wake joins Cottage by the Sea as CEO, after 11years managing the Lions Village Licola Inc (LVL). A not-for-profit, 270-bed outdoor education camp in remote Victoria.  Many of the children welcomed to LVL are either disadvantaged, disabled or disengaged and have enjoyed rewarding, if not life changing, experiences on an LVL program.

During his tenure at LVL, Adam was significant in reinvigorating the village after damage caused by several natural disasters. Working closely with the Board of Directors, as well as the local community, Adam implemented many strategic changes at LVL, bringing the 50-year-old camp securely into the twenty-first century. Programs have improved and expanded, benefitting thousands of additional children over the years.

Before joining LVL, Adam held management roles in outdoor education around the world including Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland and Venezuela. He holds a law degree and also worked as an Investment Banker in London.

In addition to a valuable career, Adam has training in mental health first aid, childhood trauma, child protection and a range of professional studies that will support his success as CEO of Cottage by the Sea.

Adam has relocated from remote Victoria with his wife and two boys to be closer to the city and educational opportunities. In his free time, he runs long distance and has tested himself in Ultra distance running events as well as completed a Triathlon Ironman.

His passion has and continues to be working to provide better life opportunities for children.