Mentors making new friendships

Stories From Camp

On Tuesday, our new Mentors arrived at Cottage by the Sea. A bus from Leopold and a bus from Ballarat. Our two groups of new Mentors were excited but nervous to meet for the first time.

The camp was full of activities that allowed the camper’s time to get to know each other. There was swimming, camouflage, a night time walk and talk, basketball games, foosball table tournaments, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, beach flags and much more. There were even campers walking around the hallways introducing themselves to each other and learning new bits of information from one another. Others could be heard practicing the names of the other group so they could address everyone by their name.

At the end of Day Three, new Mentor Jayden walked up to Camp Leader Lenni and asked, “Do we get to go on every camp with them?”

Camp Leader Lenni replied “Yes! You will be on all five camps with the Leopold group.”

“That’s awesome!” said Jayden enthusiastically. “I can’t wait to go on the Melbourne camp with them.”

The foundations have been laid for many more camps, and for friendships to strengthen with these two groups, over 2019 and the many years afterwards.