More than just a ski trip

Our Stories

An inspiring program including a ski trip is not only fun but will enrich the REEF participants’ learning and development, as well as strengthening the bonds that they have created with each other over the past 16 months. This specific trip will give the participants a greater sense of community and respect for each other, often resulting in great behaviour, greater achievements and more involvement when back at home and school.

The snow program provides excellent opportunities for participants to develop independence, confidence, self-esteem and leadership while adapting to new environments. Experiencing new cultures first-hand often brings to life things that they have been studying at school, such as art, history, languages and sport. This ‘real world experience’ is thought to be a very successful learning mechanism. 

The participants dig deep throughout the week. They navigate the challenges of walking in ski boots to pushing themselves on the slopes, continually getting up once they have fallen down, with the ultimate goal of getting all the way down the Bourke Street run. Not only is it a physical challenge of learning to ski, there is also a mental challenge of living with a large group of people, sharing duties such as dinner prep and clean up and getting themselves ready to tackle each day that they are away from home.

So while the ultimate goal is to ski, and ski they did, our participants are learning and gaining so much more. The staff at Cottage by the Sea couldn’t be more proud of what they achieved throughout this week.