Moulamein – Returned in 2022 for our Mentors

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A favourite off-site mentor program by mentors, staff and volunteers alike is the outdoor adventure based camp at Moulamein.

This program in recent years has become an annual part of the Cottage mentor program calendar and it was great to be back at Moulamein again in 2022. The camp is situated in bushland by the banks of the Edwards River near Moulamein. Across the week the outdoor education is packed with fun filled activities including: fishing, captaining the tinny, yabbying, bonfires, telling stories around the camp fire and a favourite of all ferreting.

All the kids had a wonderful time and learnt skills they will take with them for life especially persistence and willingness to try new things.

A special thanks must be extended to the APCO family for their continued support of the Cottage and for giving our Mentors such amazing times at their family property in Moulamein.