My First Surf

Our Stories

It was our third day of camp and today was the day we were going surfing!

I had never been surfing before and I was so so so excited to try to stand up but I was just as nervous to fall off my board and not be able to surf.

We got our swimming gear all together and jumped on the bus to head to Ocean Grove. That is where the best waves were going to be.

As we arrived at the beach, we were all so excited to see the cool waves and other people surfing. We put our wetsuits on and had some delicious fresh fruit for morning tea to make sure we had plenty of energy.

We partnered up and carried our boards down to the beach where we got a beginners surf lesson from the Cottage staff.

I was still really nervous about trying to stand up but as soon as we got in the water the cottage staff made sure to help us on the waves and get us all standing up at least once. It was amazing everyone was having so much fun and we all had the biggest smiles on our faces! Especially the cottage staff whenever we stood up.

I had the best day ever! We caught our last wave all together and then took all the boards back up to the trailer and had some yummy chocolate cake before heading back to the cottage.

What a day!